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Color Your World: Green

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

COLOR YOUR WORLD is a series of posts to provide lists of synonyms for different colors. All too often, writers resort to using the same word for a color repeatedly in their writing, leading to a sometimes boring redundancy which can lend itself to making the story uninteresting at worst, ho-hum at best.

This series will give you more options to choose from to keep your color references fresh and inviting.

This weeks color is green.

According to :

“Green is no longer just a color. It’s now the symbol of ecology and a verb.

Since the beginning of time, green has signified growth, rebirth, and fertility. In pagan times, there was the “Green Man” – a symbol of fertility. In Muslim countries, it is a holy color and in Ireland, a lucky color. It was the color of the heavens in the Ming Dynasty.

Today’s greens can be found in a wide range of objects: pea soup, delicate celadon glazes, sleazy shag carpet, sickly bathroom walls, emeralds, wasabi, and sage. The English language reflects some strange attributes: Would you rather be green with envy, green behind the ears, or green around the gills? (Idiomatic American English for extremely envious, immature or nauseated.)

Global Meanings of Green

  • Green is universally associated with nature.

  • Green symbolizes ecology and the environment.

  • Traffic lights are green all over the world.

Unique Meanings of Green in Different Cultures

  • In China, Green may symbolize infidelity. A green hat symbolizes that a man’s wife is cheating on him.

  • In Israel, green may symbolize bad news.

  • In Japan, the words for blue and green (“ao”) are the same.

  • In Spain, racy jokes are “green.”

Luck or Bad Luck?

  • Green is a lucky culture in most Western cultures. A green shamrock symbolizes this.

  • You won’t find many green cars at racetracks because they are considered unlucky.

  • Circus and traveling showmen in Australia may consider green to be bad luck.

  • An old English rhyme about wedding colors: “Married in green, Ashamed to be seen.”

  • There are more shades of green than that of any other color. Greens range from yellow-greens, such as lime and avocado greens, to those with a blue tinge (such as emerald). Aqua or turquoise are colors that are typically half green and half blue.


How Green Affects Vision Color Blindness Approximately 5% – 8% of men and 0.5% of women of the world are born colorblind. People who are protans (red weak) and deutans (green weak) comprise 99% of this group. Some European countries have outlined certain traffic light colors so that it is clear which is green and which is red, by the color that has a rectangle around it. Some states in the U.S. have placed diagonal lines through green traffic lights as an aid for the colorblind.

The following is an extensive list of the various shades of green. It is by no means the ENTIRE list, but its a good start.

A Acid green Android green Ao (color) Army green Asparagus (color) B Bice Blue-green Bright green British racing green C Cadmium pigments Cal Poly Pomona green Camouflage green Caribbean amber Chartreuse (color) Citrine (colour) Color term Cyan D Dartmouth green E Electric green Emerald (color) F Fern green Forest green Forest green (color) G Gray-asparagus Green in Islam Green-yellow H Harlequin (color) Honeydew (color) Hunter green I India green Islamic green J Jade Jade (color) Jungle green K Kelly green L Lime (color) Lime green Lincoln green M Midnight green Moss green MSU Green Myrtle (color) O Office green Olive (color) Olive drab Olive Drab P Paris green Pear (color) Persian green Phthalocyanine Green G Pigment green Pigment yellow 185 Pine green R Rifle green S Sacramento State green Sap green Sea green Shamrock green Spring bud Spring green Spring green (color) T Tea green Teal Turquoise (color) U UP Forest green V Verdigris Vert Viridian Y Yellow-green

To see samples of each color, please visit the original list site: .

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