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Sonny Side Up

Story of a Technology Pioneer



Harold "Sonny" Van Arnem

Few people have had a more fascinating personal and business life than Harold “Sonny” Van Arnem. From a midwest middle-class family he surmounted a range of obstacles, including a near-fatal accident that ended what might have been a career as a professional athlete, to ride America’s computer revolution from its first primitive days.

     As one of the most successful pioneers of computer applications and leasing, he accumulated assets enabling him to purchase professional sports teams and socialize among some of the world’s wealthiest and most colorful personalities. His adventures in film production, auto racing and international business are the stuff of legend.

     But it was not always fun. A tragic and senseless accident left his daughter a quadriplegic, and the behavior of various business partners and associates served as painful lessons in trust.

     None of it succeeded in dampening his spirit. Where There’s a Will There’s a Way traces the business and personal life of a man who refused to be beaten. Its true tales, both tragic and humorous, weave a true story of strength and determination that is sure to leave a lasting impact on every reader.

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