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Crafting the Vernacular: Words for use in Fantasy and/or Gothic writing.

Writing a Fantasy? Better yet, a dark, gloomy Gothic? Here is a list of words that are simply MUST HAVES for such a work:

1. Penury - A state of extreme poverty.

2. Equivocal - deliberately vague, with the intention to mislead.

3. Unction - the act of anointing as a part of a religious or healing ritual.

4. Chalcedony - a family of colored quartz. Usually milky or waxy in color and/or appearance.

5. Welkin - (archaic term) the vault of heaven, the sky.

6. Warison - the bugle call giving the command to attack; a war cry.

7. Tenenbrous - Dark and gloomy.

8. Sanguine - the color of blood. Ruddy, florid (referring to the complexion.)

9. Rogation - a solemn prayer or supplication.

10. Perspicatious - acutely discerning, perceptive or understanding.

11. Obdurate - Hardened against good or moral influence.

12. Moue - a sulky or disdainful expression. A pout.

13. Lupine - wolf like, ravenous.

14. Legubrious - mournful or doleful; to an extreme degree.

15. Aubergine - A deep, dark purple. The color of an eggplant.

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