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Research Resources: Lycanthropy


It seems that much of today’s entertainment features either zombies, vampires or werewolves. In doing a little digging, we discovered that Lycanthropy is an actual disorder with a medical diagnosis as well as documented cases. Since we aim to assist writers and aspiring writers in their endeavors, we thought we would share some resources with our readers on the topic.

Here you will find the case study of a 49 year old woman who believed herself to be a wolf.

At this source you will find a discussion of symptoms and proposed mechanisms for the disorder.

Here is where you will find a discussion of classic Lycanthropy as known in literature, myth and legend.

There are many ways in which to utilize this medical phenomenon. Whether you are choosing to go for straight up, old school, bite-them-and-they’re-infected werewolves, a crazy person who THINKS they are a werewolf, or somewhere in between, like the characters from Stephanie Meyers very successful novels, you now have the resources to make your choice.

Armed with a few tools, and a visual inspiration, we now send you, our intrepid, writer-explorers off to search out the beasts destined to live in the pages of your work.

Happy Writing Everyone!

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