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The Elite Forces Division-First Factor

Born of a military seed, grown in the soil of a superheros heart, this novel bears as its fruit a team of heroes not quite like any other. Struggles and self doubts, civil war of the soul and the irresistible siren call of DUTY all come together to remake this team into something that was not to be anticipated.

The Elite Forces Division- First Factor

During the final days of World War II, recovered photographs taken by an American Special Operations soldier during a firefight recorded a series of eerie images of their single Nazi enemy.

He was flying.

Twenty-three American soldiers lost their lives to him before he was killed.

In 1955, the United States Marine Corps created the Elite Forces Division to study and combat this new type of threat; the threat of those with wealth and power as well as powers beyond that of the norm. Truth was discovered in myth, while fact found occupancy in folklore; revelations in religion could never be disclosed without destroying the faiths of all people. Tradition would be lost as chaos would be born.

Six months ago the United States was attacked by more of these types of soldiers, beginning a bloody campaign of terror. America’s standard forces could not stop them. Something more was needed.

America felt their wrath and assigned the protection of her home to this new, Elite Forces Division. The war was kept secret; for good reason, because the enemy had no beach to storm and no city to invade. It was a sovereign nation that resided within her breast. A sovereign nation created by her. It was her secret.

From this – a leader, an assassin, and a knight were chosen. They would challenge this new form of evil and battle as heroes, transformed into the very enemies they fight. They would become the indivisible element acting as the junction point between despair and hope for America. They became; The First Factor.

Heroes aren’t made during good times.

Elite Forces Division- First Factor by Edward J. Stinson is available now.

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