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Personality types and character development

A common phrase used in the past to describe someone's personality was "Type A." It is fairly common knowledge that someone of a Type A personality is aggressive, hard hitting and an "In your face" sort of person.

That said...what about the OTHER types?

Commonly, you would not hear of a "Type B, Type C," Etc. After posting a blog about personality disorders, it occurs to me that we need to find and offer some resources to help writers with the basic development of their characters personalities.

One such resource I found has a list of 16 basic personality types. It offers a brief synopsis of each one, along with a link to a more thorough description.

The next source I found has an available free quiz to help you determine YOUR personality type, as well as learn to deal with and understand other personality types.

I went ahead and took the little quiz. I had to provide my name and email address to get the results, but other than that there were no obligations.

My personality type is an ESFJ. I will not explain what that is, because you cna see for yourself by going to the first resource site and looking it up. Although I will say that when I went back to the the first resource site to look up the definition, it was fairly accurate.

hopefully you will find these resources valuable in fleshing out and defining your characters personalities, motivations and quirks, helping you craft unforgettable, relatable characters to make your work gripping and enjoyable to read.

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