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Research Resources- Character Building 101: Basic Personality Types

So we have all heard of "type a" personalities, its generally well known that they are aggresive, hard hitting, in-your-face type of people.

I got to wondering the other day..."what about the OTHER types?"

You dont typically hear of "types B, C, D" etc.

So after posting the thread about personality disorders, it occurs to me we need to have some resources available to help with the basic development of a characters personalities.

One such resource I found has a list of 16, yes, 16 basic personality types. It offers a brief synopsis of each one, along with a link to a more thorough description. This could be MOST useful.

The next source I found has an available free quiz to help you determine YOUR personality type, as well as how to learn to deal with and understand OTHER personality types.

I went ahead and took the little quiz. I had to provide my name and email address to get the results, but other than that there were no obligations.

My personality type is an ESFJ. I will not explain what that is, because you can see for yourself by going to the first resource site and looking it up! Although I will say that when I went back to the first resource site to read the full definition, it is pretty dead on!

(I HAVE said it isn't good for me to do ALL of your research for you... )

But these should provide you with some GREAT insight while helping you to craft your characters!


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