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World Building- Deity Pantheons: Norse

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

Thanks to Marvel movies, everyone knows who Thor is...and Loki, and Odin and Heimdall and...

You get the idea.

However, there is an entire pantheon of Norse Gods. Here you will find a good sized list of deities you may or may not have met before, but could prove useful in providing rich texture to the fabric of your story.

For your personal researching pleasure, you will want to consider the following publications:

  • Norse Mythology: A Guide to Norse History, Gods and Mythology

  • Norse Mythology- A Complete Guide to Norse Mythology, Norse Gods and Nordic Folklore.

For your convenience, the aforementioned publications can be obtained from the Visual Adjectives Bookstore:

This list comes from the website where you can also find much more detailed information about the pantheon, including myths and stories.

Aegir- Norse god of the sea. Married to Ran and lives under the waves near the island of Hlesey.

Aisir- A group of warrior gods led by Odin who inhabit Asgard.

Balder- Son of Odin and Frigg. Known as a gentle and wise god. Killed accidentally by his brother Hod. Will return after Ragnarok.

Bolverk - The alias Odin adopted when disguised as a giant to win the mead of poetry.

Bor- Son of Buri and father of Odin, Vili and Ve/

Bragi - The Norse God of poetry and eloquence. Son of Odin and husband of Idun.

Buri - Ancestor of the Norse gods. Created by the cow Audumla licking him from ice.

Day - Son of Night and Delling. Said to ride around the earth on his horse Skinfaxi.

Earth - Daughter of Night and Annar.

Einherjar - Band of dead warriors in Valhalla who await Ragnorok.

Eir - Goddess of healing.

Fjorgyn - Lover of Odin and mother of Thor. Also referred to as Earth.

Forseti - God of Justice. Son of Balder and Nanna.

Freyja - Main goddess of the Vanir (fertility gods). Daughter of Njord and Freyr.

Frigga - Main goddess. Wife of Odin and mother of Balder.

Fulla - Goddess servant of Frigga.

Gangnrad - Pseudonym of Odin when he visits Vafthrudnir.

Gefion - Fertility goddess. Associated with the plow. Tricked the king of Sweden out of a tract of land.

Grimir - Pseudonym of Odin when he visits his foster son Geirrod, King of the Goths.

Gullveig - A vanir goddess (probably Freyja) who is burned three times by the Aesir.

Harbard - Odin disguised as a ferryman when he wrangles with Thor.

Heimdall - Watchman of the Norse Gods and owner of the horn Gjall. Son of nine mothers. Often identified as Rig, the creator of three races of men.

Hel - Ruler of Helheim, the realm of the dead.

Hermod - Son of Odin. Rode to Hel to try and rescue his brother Balder.

Hod - Son of Odin. A blind god who accidentally killed his brother Balder. He will return after Ragnorok.

Honir - A long-legged, indecisive god. Sent to Vanir to seal the truce between them and the Aesir. He will survive Ragnorok.

Idun - Guardian of the golden apples of youth and wife of Bragi.

Kvasir - The wisest. Created from the spittle of the gods.

Lofn - Goddess of illicit unions.

Loki - The sly, trickster of the Norse gods. Son of two giants. Also known as the sly one, the Trickster, the Shape Changer and the Sky Traveller. Becomes increasingly more evil. He is responsible for the death of Balder. Bound until Ragnarok.

Magni - Son of Thor and giantess Jarnsaxa. Will inherit Thors hammer Mjollnir with his brother Modi after Ragnorok.

Mimir - Wise Aesir god. Sent to the Vanir to seal the truce between the two groups of the Norse Gods. Killed by the Vanir, his head is kept by Odin.

Modgud - Maiden guardian of the bridge over the river Gjoll in Jotenheim.

Modi - Son of Thor and giantess Jarnsaxa. Will inherit Thors hammer Mjollnir with his brother Magni after Ragnorok.

Moon - Son of Mundilfari. Guides the moon on its course.

Nanna - Wife of Balder and daughter of Nep.

Narvi - Also known as Nari. Son of Loki and Sigyn who was killed by his brother Vali.

Night - Daughter of Narvi and mother of Day. Rides around the earth on her horse Hrimfaxi.

Njord - A Vanir god assocaited with wind and sea. Husband of Skadi and father of Freyja and Freyr.

Norns - Urd "fate," Skuld "being," and Vaandi "necessity." Three goddesses of destiny.

Od - Missing husband of Freyja who she constantly mourns for.

Odin - King of the Norse Gods, God of Poetry, battle and death. Chief god of the Aesir. Also known as the All Father, the Terrible One, One-Eyed, and the Father of Battle.

Ran - Wife of Aegir who dragged drowning men down with her net.

Rig - Psuedonym of Heimdall and the creator of the three races of men.

Rind - Goddess and lover of Odin. Mother of Vali.

Saga - Goddess and drinking companion of Odin.

Sif - Wife of Thor whose golden hair was cut off by Loki.

Sigyn - Wife of Loki.

Sjofn - Goddess of Human Compassion.

Skadi - Goddess of Winter and of the Hunt.

Sun - Daughter of Mundilfai and guide of the sun.

Syn - Goddess of the accused at trial.

Thor - God of the sky, thunder and fertility, Associated with law and order in Asgard and guardian of the Norse gods. Son of Odin and Earth and husband of Sif. Also known as the Thunder God and "charioteer"

Thrud - Daughter of Thor. Promised to the dwarf Alvis.

Tyr - War god. Son of Odin who sacrificed his hand in the binding of Fenrir.

Ull - God of archery and skiiing.

Vali - Son of Odin and giantess Rind. Conceived to avenge the death of Balder.

Valkyries - Beautiful women who carried dying warriors to Valhalla.

Vanir - fertility gods.

Var - Goddess of Oaths.

Ve - Son of Bor and brother of Odin and Vili.

Vili - Son of Bor and brother of Odin and Ve.

Vor - Goddess who knows all.

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