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World Building - Deity Pantheons: Egypt

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

Movies such as The Gods of Egypt, The Mummy, The Pyramid and the Scorpion King and streaming shows such as Moon Knight introduced lots of us to Egyptian Mythology beyond what we learned in World History class.

For your personal researching pleasure, you may be interested in the following books:

  • Complete Guide to Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt

  • Egyptian Mythology- A Guide to the Gods, Goddesses and Traditions of Ancient Egypt

  • Egyptian Myth- A Very Short Introduction

  • Egyptian Mythology

These will give you a rounded picture of how these deities fit into the daily lives and cultures of ancient Egypt.

All of the aforementioned publications may be obtained at the Visual Adjectives website as well.

In this blog post we are going to introduce you to a fairly comprehensive list. For a COMPLETE list with full descriptions of each deity, you can visit

Since this is meant as a world building resource for writing inspiration, basic physical attributes for some deities are included. To get breakdowns of their duties, personalities, etc. please visit the above mentioned site.

  1. Amit- A demon with the head of a crocodile, the torso of a leopard, and the hindquarters of a hippopotamus.

  2. Amun- A man with the head of a ram. King of Gods who combined with the sun god Ra to become more powerful.

  3. Anput- Goddess of the seventeenth Nome of Upper Egypt, Mother of Kebechet.

  4. Anubis- God of the dead, embalming, funerals and mourning ceremonies. Depicted as a man with a Jackals head. Son of the god Set and Memphis. Helper to Osiris.

  5. Anuket- Goddess of the river Nile.

  6. Apophis- God of snakes, war and chaos. Sometimes called Apophis the Chaos Snake.

  7. Aten- the disc of the sun. Originally an aspect of Ra.

  8. Babi- God of Baboons.

  9. Bast/Bastet- Cat goddess known to protect pregnant women and children. She is also involved in celebrations. The protector of Ra, his third eye.

  10. Bes- Dwarf god of pregnant women, newborn babies and family. Also known to protect from snake bites and scorpion stings.

  11. Geb- God of the earth, husband to Nut and father of Set, Osiris, Horus, Memphys and Isis.

  12. Hapi- God of the Nile.

  13. Hathor- Goddess of love. The alter ego of Sehkmet.

  14. Heket- Goddess of frogs.

  15. Horus- God of war, sky and falcons. He is the son of Osiris and Isis.

  16. Isis- Goddess of magic, marriage, healing and perfection. She is the wife and sister of Osiris and mother of Horus.

  17. Kebechet- Goddess of purification. Also known as the wandering goddess or the lost child.

  18. Khepri- God of scarab beetles. Ra's aspect in the morning.

  19. Khnum- Ram headed god. Ra's aspect in the evening.

  20. Khonsu- God of the moon.

  21. Ma'at- Goddess of justice, truth and order. Also the daughter of Ra.

  22. Mafdet- God of justice, Executioner of Criminals, protector of the King's chambers.

  23. Menhit- Minor lion goddess. Wife of Onuris.

  24. Nepthys- Funerary goddess. Consort of Seth, Mother of Anubis.

  25. Nekhbet- Vulture god. Sister of Wadjet.

  26. Nut- Goddess of the sky. Wife of Geb.

  27. Osiris- God of the underworld and the afterlife Husband and Brother of Isis. Brother and mortal enemy of Set. Father of Horus.

  28. Ptah- God of Creation.

  29. Ra- God of the sun. Ra was king of the gods until Osiris took over his throne. He is also known as Amun-Ra and Akmun-Ra.

  30. Sekhmet- Goddess of lions, fire and vengeance. Alter ego of Hathor.

  31. Serqet- Goddess of scorpions.

  32. Seshat- Goddess of writing and measurement.

  33. Seth- God of chaos/change, deserts, storms and foreigners. Mortal enemy and brother to Osiris. Husband to Nepthys. He killed his brother Osiris out of jealousy. No one can really describe what he is. He is a human hybrid, half man, mixed with an unknown creature. Sometimes called the Set animal.

  34. Shu- God of wind and air. Consort of Tefnut. Father of Geb and Nut. Great-grandfather to Anubis and Horus.

  35. Sobek- God of crocodiles. Rows Ra's sunboat through the Duat.

  36. Tawaret- Hippopotamus goddess. Goddess of childbirth and fertility.

  37. Tefnut- Lion goddess of water and fertility. Consort of Shu, mother of Geb and Nut.

  38. Thoth- Scribe god. God of wisdom. Also known as Djehuti.

  39. Wadje- Goddess of protection. Sister of Nekhbet.

  40. Wadj-wer- Personifies the Mediterranean Sea and other lakes.

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