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Color Your World: Orange

Our Color Your World series is to provide a list of synonyms for different colors. All too often, writers resort to using the same word for a color in their writing, leading to a rather monotonous redundancy. Sadly this can lend itself to making the story uninteresting at worst, ho-hum at best.

This series is designed to give you more options which will help you keep your color references fresh and inviting.

This post will discuss Orange.

According to, " Orange is vibrant. It's hot, healthy, fruity and engaging - but it can be abrasive and crass. It's a polarizing color. People either love it or detest it."

"Orange is the only color of the spectrum whose name was taken from an object, the popular fruit - the orange. In nature it's the color of vivid sunsets, fire, vegetables, flowers, fish, and many citrus fruits. In our contemporary world, orange is the color of marmalade, Halloween, traffic cones, life rafts, and Cheetos.

Orange symbolizes energy, vitality, cheer, excitement,adventure, warmth and good health. However, pure orange can be brass; it may suggest a serious lack of intellectual values and bad also [suggest] bad taste.

Orange is currently a trendy, hip color. It was a "groovy color" back in the 70's and then it faded away. In 1991, an article in Forbes Magazine about how orange affects consumers choices concluded that Orange meant cheap. (Note: "cheap" in this case meant a good buy for the money.)

It's worth noting that there are many shades of orange - and different meanings. Some may be More appealing to those who find orange difficult: Terracotta or Cayenne - a Dark orange, persimmon - a red-orange, pumpkin - a pure orange, mango - a yellow orange, salmon - a pink orange, melon - a light orange.

Darker oranges offer a sense of comfort; some are spicy, some are earthy. Lighter oranges are soothing and healthy"

Also from The global meanings of Orange:

"Orange's global similarities are significant:

Orange evokes the taste of healthy fruits, bursting with juice.

Orange is associated with Vitamin C and good health.

Orange is symbolic of Autumn.

Children all over the world are drawn to orange.

Orange is the color of life rafts, hazard cones and high visibility police vests."

"Unique meanings of Orange in different cultures"

Orange is both the name and the emblematic color of the Royal Family in the Netherlands.

Orange is the color of prison uniforms in the U.S.

Orange (Saffron) is a sacred and auspicious color in Hinduism.

The middle traffic light is orange in France.

In the U.K., orange stands for the Northern Irish Protestants and has very strong religious and political significance."

Next is an alphabetical list of different names for the Color Orange:


Amber (color)

Apricot (color)





Champagne (color)

Coral (color)


Dark Salmon



Gold (color)


International Orange


Lion (color)


Mahogany (color)

Marigold (color)


Navajo white


Peach (color)


Portland Orange


Rust (color)


Safety Orange

Salmon (color)

Scarlet (color)

Sunset (color)


Tangerine (color)

Tawny (color)






To see samples of the colors, please visit the site of the original list:

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