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Research Resources: Post Apocalyptic Social survival

In our Research Resources segments, we look to share websites and sources of information for various and sundry different topics you may find useful for your world building.

In this particular edition, we will share some resources for Post Apocalyptic social survival.

This list will provide you with tips and ideas you can use to help your characters survive in the Post Apocalypse that is your created world.

  1. This first source provides several ideas for starting fires as well as sources for electricity and survival uses of items and substances commonly found around our homes today.

2. This second source gives preparation ideas as well as a survival outline, the tips include how to maintain a good mental attitude.

3. This source is actually from NatGeo Kids. So if your building a story for kids or young adults in this setting, this source can provide ideas that would translate well for young people.

4. This next source is ideal if your novel focuses on the time period just before an apocalypse through the event and then into the post apocalypse. It offers good insight into the two specific types of survival that would exist in those circumstances, thus offering a valuable source of information for your world building efforts.

5. The final source is a good "general knowledge" type of source.

Armed with these, you should find plenty of gems for building and expanding your fictional world. Using these sources, you can round out your characters as well as provide them rich and complex environments to craft an unforgettable story.

Happy Writing every


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