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Research Resources: Ancient Remedies

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

Research Resources Ancient Remedies

Once upon a time, a looooong time ago on the Visual Adjectives Forum, we had a thread called Healers, Medics and Medicine where we talked about the application of herb lore to our writing.

Historically, herbal medicine has been used by most cultures to treat diseases and illnesses, even proving instrumental in improving the quality of life. The majority of those ancient cultures also believed plants had magical properties, so were used in rituals as well as for healing and food.

Since we are always looking for ways to assist writers and would be authors in their endeavors, we have collected some resources to help you with your research.

Here are a few sites that deal with ancient herbal remedies.

This first source is actually several sources combined into one.

It provides information on quite a few ancient civilizations medical practices.

This site is an alphabetical listing of Herbs along with their traditional usage AND the Cultures that used those remedies. It also provides some anecdotes regarding some laboratory results on some of these herbals.

The herbal academy is a modern site that catalogues both historic and modern uses for herbal remedies. This particular link focuses on ancient myths and lore surrounding herbal medicine, thus making it a good resource for information on ancient remedies.

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