Lapadre Ekkelstein’s Quest For The Blue Monkey

The Elusive Blue Monkey

Log date: 2082.10.16_Harvest season
I have hunted and captured all kinds of animals, creatures, and beasts; and yet this accursed imp of a beast escapes me. The Doppelgangers in Finland, Illusionary Lions of Sibeth, and the Angstbugs of Duplar, India were nothing compared to this Blue annoyance… they were NOTHING.

I’ve lost Dr. Haverton to illness, Tricia to anger, and most of my crew from fear. Now I’m down to a handful of the obsessed and greedy; for they know how much these beasts are worth.

Our steam powered flying ship has taken a barrage of damage from the frozen wind-clouds leading to the isolated ‘Themusen’ Island chain scattered some distance away from the southwestern edge of Madagascar.

The blind shaman said that they appeared only during the harvest seasons when the sky was strong with ice and the sea imbued with madness… she was correct! The Blue Monkeys fed off of the young crystals growing in the Themusen Green Crystal Caves. It was the perfect place for my hunt. No matter the threat of death and the promise of pain, it would not be enough to stop me. Each of the beasts is worth a chest full of Terran credits and immortality within the pages of science!

The shaman said that they moved as ghosts melding with the foliage, my goggles would solve that problem. Their fur killed tribesmen by touch and their meat is uneatable. Predators feared the blue beasts, while the blasted shamans prayed to them. They’re fools.

I’m going to be rich!

When we landed on the first island, in the chain, it took a little over a week to find our first cave. It took less than an hour to see the first of the Blue Monkeys. It took less than a minute to lose our first member by touching one of the beasts.

– LaPadre Ekkelstein – Hunter Adventurer



Log date: 2082.11.16 A Somber Night’s Note

The otter-skinned tents held to stand by stilted geared poles, earlier tonight, did little to stop the slaughter of rain thundering from the icy midnight sky above. We’ve always used Anguish-Oil to protect the skin from the roughest of weather; it was one of our secrets. Here? It dissolved within the first hours of the storm. There is nowhere with weather such as what I have encountered on this Themusen island. I do it all for these sniveling little blue imps.

I am quickly growing to despise Blue Monkeys.

My goggles can never remain clean nor my attitude sober. I’ve lost interest in hunting them in the night, their eerie screeches have shaken my crew to the point in which the conversations of religion are starting to occur more often than our campfire talks of wealth. This is not good.

It’s just so cold here. It bites at my intentions and steals from my soul. I’ve been dreaming of the mischievous blue imps every night.

We’ve encountered flaming butterflies that burrow themselves into wood making cocoons only to become caterpillars the next morning. We’ve begun collecting them for our evening fires because they burst into flames when you squeeze them. The soil refuses to hold water and moves more like sand. The tree bark from the wood we’re burning smells like death and fruit must be eaten while attached to the tree that it resides on. If you pluck one from a branch it instantly decays.

I have been many places, and there is something wrong with these islands. One of the men said the island is alive the Blue Monkeys are her children. I sent him, escorted by two men, back to the air ship when he woke to a fever the next day and bit off his tongue.

The church proposed this trip. The Queen blessed my journey and my crew. The Black Market promised me compensation, and science held a place for me in history. It’s been a month on this island so far and I’m quickly losing faith in the first two reasons that I’m here.

We lost another man yesterday.

I’m going to get one of these damn monkeys!!!

– LaPadre Ekkelstein – Hunter Adventurer
The Monkey gazed out of the Shadows at the strange beings who had been invading the caves and stealing the green shineys. They behaved strangely, they made strange sounds. They would be leaving soon….they just didn’t know it yet…


Log Date: 2082.11.16 Clock Makers Journal
All this talk of religion and money sickens me. I’ve been asked to go along with the captain by request of the queen to assist him in any way possible, but I guess he forgot so I have taken my assignment in to my own hands… I have been spending months trying to find a way to capture the so called “beasts”. So I realized The Muse said “they turn invisible on the sense of danger. That’s when I realize if I could mark them somehow we could capture them. I tried powders of different sort gun powder worked the best but I was smitten for wasting usable powder I don’t fight any way so I continued my work and discovered, the poison on their skin sets it off. I am encouraged to tell the captain of my discovery, and I was hoping he would allow me to contact The Muse in order to find more efficient ways in completing my quests.
The Sane Clock Maker



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