3 Fantasy Worlds I Wouldn’t Mind Living In

And Yet We Are All Born into Sin: Establishing your Character’s Sins and Virtues

An Ode To Totally Awesome Female Movie Characters

An Outline to Get Your World Building Started

Book Sizes and Layout

Bringing Your Characters to Life: Focus vs. Complex Characters

Bringing Characters to Life: The Character Profile

Bringing your Character to Life: The Four Character Components

Designing My Fantasy World

Don’t Start Your Story at the Beginning

En Garde!

Fantasy Female Descriptive Basics

Hatsune Miku: The Big Japanese Pop Star….That’s a Hologram

How Do I Find A Great Artist?

How My Main Character Taught Me a Thing Or Two About My World

Is Our Protagonist Just a Mirror Image of Us?

I Want To Write….Now What Do I Do??? Finding the “Write” tools to get you started as an author.

Marketing 101: Identifying Market Segments and Target Markets

Ten Reasons Why Writing Fantasy is So Freakin’ Cool

You Have a Story, Now What?  Comics and Web Comics

You Have a Story, Now What? Graphic, Illustrated, and Full Novels

What If Super Villians Had Flow Charts for their Plans?

World Building Inspirations

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