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Visual Adjectives offers a critical analysis of your work that will include;
REVIEWS – Consist of completed works and will be rated on the 5-Point System, with 3 representing an average level based on the genre. Half points can be utilized.
CRITIQUES – Consist of incomplete works and will be rated on the 10-Point System, with 5 representing an average level based on the genre. Half points can be utilized.

Our analysis consist of our exclusive Review and Critique rating:

1. Core Concept
Idea – the thought or notion of what is desirable or ought to be. It is the result of mental understanding, awareness, or activity.
Example: Lord of the Rings (LOTR) – A monumental quest of Discovery, supported by Passion and Conflict (Drama). Note the importance of the order that these are in; the discovery of Middle Earth, the Passion for the ring, and the Conflict surrounding its destruction.
Theme – the subject of focus. Dominant idea or moral.
Example: (LOTR) Classic Good versus Evil with an emphasis on corruption
Characteristics – distinguishing feature or quality.
Example: (LOTR) A journey taken by one of the most innocent races to return, what would normally be considered a small and innocent object through a world of evil and corruption.
Vision – anticipated experience.
Example: (LOTR) Epic Fantasy Adventure

2. Worldbuilding – the process of constructing an imaginary world that is coherent and consistent
Approaches: Top-down – the designer uses an overview approach of the world.
Approach: Bottom-up – the designer begins with a focus on a small element or part of the world while defining it as the characters journey through it.
Rules, Laws, and Limitations – note the differences between Rules and Laws; Laws have formal penalties while rules have understood consequences.
Events – time based occurrences in the world.

3. StoryTelling – This focuses on plot building with the utilization of characters and drama (Drama is made up of Discovery, Conflict, and Passion).

4 Presentation – How is this delivered to the reader? Does the delivery illustrate the vision of the Core Concept? The tools to accomplish this include writing, artwork, and multi-media.


Please contact Visual Adjectives for more information. Email us at: In the subject line, please specify ‘review’ (complete work) or ‘critique’ (incomplete work).


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