Kenneth Caroli

Born in Hollywood, Florida, Kenneth Caroli started writing and drawing at an early age. Though he is better known for his art, he has focused on writing for the past 20 years. Mr. Caroli is a fan of comics and old monster movies, as well as a lover of heroic fantasy and medieval history, which he has studied obsessively most of his life.

In the 1980’s, Kenneth was involved in comic conventions for a few years and did a few black and white prints for a small now defunct fantasy art company, The Wizard’s Nook. Having had a long interest in archaeology and mythology, relating to his passion for history, Kenneth researched the possible reality behind myth and folklore with a special focus on vampires, werewolves and lost lands like Atlantis. This helped Kenneth assist in the research of a series of books on Atlantis by author and friend, Frank Joseph, editor for Ancient American Magazine. Kenneth was also a contributor for Ancient American Magazine, which focused on the diffusion of ancient cultures to the pre-Columbian Americas. Having several articles and book reviews published by various magazine, he was able to contribute to Real Life SuperHero, Knighthood’s fan website.

Mr. Caroli’s penchant for myth and folklore extends to Gothic fiction, Tolkien, the work of Robert E. Howard’s Conan, and Bram Stoker’s Dracula. All of these major influences have attributed to his fiction stories published though fan websites and his current writings.

Suzannie M Lawrence

Favorite things are:  Playing PC and console games, Thief, ESO, WoW, Skyrim, Sims, D&D, Warhammer: 40K and Fantasy, Astrophysics, Art, reading and collecting comics, graphic novels, anime, writing, Renaissance Faires, Martial Arts movies, World Building, Star Trek, Conan, Bedknobs & Broomsticks, Mangoes, Twizzlers, Raisinets, Hi-Chew, Calypso Crunch Cookies, archery, and the color red… and keeping an arsenal of weapons in preparation of a zombie Apocalypse.

Melinda Rabin

Melinda Rabin aka Mad Maggie dreamed up Richard the Dragon and Mad Maggie over 15 years ago when she needed to create a brand new character for a renaissance festival. Since then, Mad Maggie has evolved from being a simple village mad woman who sang to trees and dragged her dragon, to a character that people know and love all over the country.  Her children’s book Dragons Are Real! is based off of some of Melinda’s real life experiences in and out of character.

Melinda holds a bachelor of arts from the University of Mary Washington and also a Masters degree in Education.  She lives in Florida with her husband and their three cats.

John Reid

John Reid was born in Louisville, Kentucky and was inspired by comic book superheroes to begin writing and drawing his own comics at a young age. His first fictional character, the masked crusader, Night-Rider, was created out of John’s passion for helping people.

John Reid is a bookworm inspired by literature written in the Victorian Age, and a list of classical authors such as Charles Dickens, H.G. Welles, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and Bram Stoker.  John Reid became a fan and incorporated classical technique into his own work when, with the age of the Internet, he found an audience for his writing and developed his own fan fiction site dedicated to his favorite boyhood show, Dark Shadows.

John likes good writing in all mediums and was a huge fan of Twilight Zone creator, the late Rod Serling. His favorite comic book writers include Alan Moore, Frank Miller and Joss Whedon.

Edward J Stinson Jr.

“I do not strive to be the best writer or the most elaborate writer. I strive to tell stories.
I strive to create a legacy that will outlive me and give the future generations a story to tell.
Through that…I know that I will find my own form of immortality.”

~ ~ ~

Edward J Stinson Jr was born in Florida and although his mother’s dedication to involve him in music and sports helped shape him in his impressionable youth, his gift as an artist was known throughout his school years. After high school, Edward joined the United States Marines where his art once again refused to abate. He ended up eventually drawing weekly comic strips and submitting artwork for the Marine Corp Newspaper. His talent was not overlooked when his work was recognized and he was commissioned to produce a piece for his squadron’s home base.

Edward remained Semper Fidelis by utilizing the traits of leadership acquired in the United States military, giving him the ability to educate and train others while also allowing him to focus on his art, along with his love of writing and storytelling. His experience allowed him to mix his passion of art, storytelling and writing to create a multiverse of legends through his tales.

Author Mr. Stinson’s first sci-fi action novel trilogy, gives you a look at a full-blooded, hard-charging, elite recon squad into some of the most dangerous missions that one can imagine.

The reason why, “heroes aren’t made during good times!”