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Writing a villain: Meet The Milkman

Every author creates their characters. Either purely from their imagination or pulled from real life, these characters must be “crafted” by the authors words to bring them to life off of the page. How can you do so effectively? How much information do you need to provide in order for them to be believable, realistic and relate-able?

Lets take a look at Villains as an example.

In our Forum we had a discussion of this very thing. Omen provided a list, or template of the basic items that need to be provided to “build” or “create” a villain.

SuperVillain Name:
Real Name:
Age: (rough number, ex. 25 – 35 yrs. old)

PHYSICAL ATTRIBUTES – make sure you specify the difference between civilian mode and Villain mode, if it applies.

Distinguishing marks: (tattoos, scars, etc.)
Distinguishing features: (Gills, extra arms, etc.)


Abilities: Talent or competence one is born with
Skill: aptitude one is trained in
Powers: endowment that is greater than any normal human


Personality: (This should be one sentence long, two at the most)
Focus: What is his/her central point of action, activity, or attention (one sentence, two at the most)
Purpose: Why does he/she want to be a supervillan?
Drive: What drives him/her through their challenges?


Key People/Relationships:


Brand: What is your hero known for?
Slogan/Phrase: Does he/she have one?

This outline is something you could basically use to craft your evil-doers. But then Omen went one step further. Using the template, he “built” a villain from the ground up:

Milk Bottles

SuperVillain Name: Milkman
Real Name: unknown
Alias: Tevye King (note-Tevye is the lead character from Fiddler on the Roof)
Gender: Male
Age: 17

PHYSICAL ATTRIBUTES – make sure you specify the difference between civilian mode and Villain mode, if it applies.

Height: 5’5
Weight: 106 lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Amber (he wears blue contacts which makes his eyes appear dark green)

Distinguishing marks: none
Distinguishing features: His skin is milky white. His nails and tongue are yellow. His breath is naturally rancid (smells like spoiled milk) so he is always eating mints.


Abilities: Extraordinary memory for details
Skill: Master serial killer
Powers: Strength for his size (able to lift 350 lbs). His body sweats a milk-like substance which acts as a pheromone calming his victims.


Personality: Dissociative, paranoid, and lonely. He misses society and knows not how to integrate.
Focus: To kill a family in key neighborhoods
Purpose: To restore the bonds of community back to the ‘old’ days as he has learned from a stack of 1940s and 50s magazines that he was left with when he was a child.
Drive: He wants to prove himself to his abusive father, who makes up his second personality.


Origin: His history is made up of fragments in which many components conflict. Milkman was apparently raised by his father in the hills of Tennessee; there are no records of his mother. It is believed that she left before his 7th birthday. His father knew that he was different and abused him as a way to direct the anger from the failures in his own life. His father was a failed delivery man.

Milkman grew up alone, learning how to read from an old chest of classic magazines. His father died sometime near his 10th birthday and Milkman survived in their mountain shack alone. The dwelling was a little more than a dilapidated mobile home with a shabby wooden add-on bound to it to add an additional bedroom.

As his body continued to change unnaturally, he developed a second personality which was populated by his father’s anger. His skin became milky white and his eyes melded into a deep amber hue.

Milkman became determined to become a hero to his father’s rage by saving local communities as the delivery man of death. He found that communities came together whenever there was a slaughter of a family. It was his ‘special’ form of art.

He began to choose neighborhoods that he felt were ‘broken’ and studied them for the family that was most to blame. He particularly blamed single parent households. Once the family was chosen, he would systematically kill each one, often saving the mother for last. He felt that she ‘NEEDED’ to watch because his mother left. After each murder scene, the last one killed was found with Milkman’s unique saliva dried across their face. He licked each victim from their lower jaw, across their cheek, and up to their hairline before killing them.

He would always unplug the refrigerator and leave a bottle of open milk on the front porch to sour as time passed; for him it represented the evolution of communities and the souring of relationships.

On the walls of each home he would leave his tell-tale signature of, ‘ISAIAH 60:16’ in blood.

Milkman is responsible for the deaths of 7 families across 4 states and 2 deputy officers, totaling 26 people.

He was captured behind a local convenience store in a small town located in Mississippi, licking a woman who he had just killed. He escaped the jail by killing the two deputy officers the next day.

Key People/Relationships: unknown father, unknown mother


Brand: Innocent young man when meeting, brutal and terrifying killer when discovered. He’s often described as a quiet, nice young gentleman.
Slogan/Phrase: Hi, Ma’am… I gotcha some milk!
Symbol: Old style milk bottle that he leaves as drawings
Colors: Light blue, white, and beige
Costume/Clothing: He wears an old-style milkman’s outfit when performing a murder

You get the idea. If you follow the thread link above, you can read further into the thread and read the episodes Omen then wrote using this same character.


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