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World Building Inspirations

You have your story line set. You have developed your characters. You sit down to write. After a while you go back and read over your work. But somehow it seems a bit lackluster. You have done your world building, but it somehow seems to be missing something.

Quite possibly you need the details of your world to be made more vivid. You see in your minds eye what you wish to convey, but somehow its not translating onto the page.

Never fear. All it takes is this very simple excersize to build your descriptive writing muscles, so to speak.

On the Visual Adjectives Forum, there are numerous WORLDBUILDING INSPIRATION THREADS. Each of these includes a series of photos and images to provide you with worldbuilding inspiration. The idea is that by looking at and studying the images, it will give you ideas on how to describe different areas, geography and aspects of your world.

Here is where the excersize I mentioned earlier comes in. Choose an image. Then as you study it, make a note of as many of the details as you can. Write them down as you go so you dont lose track. Note the colors, textures, shapes and lighting. Once you have written down as many as you possibly can, take that list and try to come up with as many descriptive adjectives as you can. If you find yourself using the same ones over and over, go to a site such as to find fresh words. Write down the new words as well.

When you go back to working on your story, utilize the list you made. Describe your world in terms that you noted in the images you studied, use them to bring the image of your world to life. Dont forget to add details about sound and smells and tastes. When you are done, go back and reread your work. Compare it to your original work to see the differences you have made.

You can find the resource threads here:
as well as additional inspiration threads here:


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