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The Alphas Recap

I really had my fingers crossed that this show would get better as it progressed, because not only do I love the overall concept, I’m really digging the fact that these super –human characters have human limitations. It’s easy to focus on the outlandish but it takes a certain skill to keep it all grounded in reality so us normal people can relate.

We are now three episodes in and it’s still holding my interest. Is it complete TV perfection? Not quite. It has some growing to do and if it keeps the audience guessing without veering off the complete unbelievable deep end, people like me are willing to grow with it.


The Alphas: Cause and Effect

Episode 2: Cause and Effect

The episode opens up with a strange dude who is being transported in some type of armor car with guards . Dead giveaway he’s not a good guy. When he takes out his guards, causes a three car crash, gets out of hand cuffs, and walks away without a scratch – all by flipping a coin –we know he is no ordinary man. The show wastes no time in explaining that this guy, named Marcus Ayers, is Dr. Rosen’s first patient at this facility referred to at Binghamton where very bad Alphas go. Marcus has similar powers to bad boy Hicks, who is able to control things around him, his extreme paranoia only making him more dangerous. The Alphas are called in to apprehend him and it soon (I think a little too soon) becomes obvious that they all were part of his plan to begin with. What his agenda is doesn’t prove all that clear, with little allusions here and there to something awful happening at Binghamton. . In the end, the team comes together and track down Marcus, who already was way ahead of the game. He effectively plans out his death by police shooting, though his body isn’t found. I really wanted to learn more, or at least get a flash back or two of Marcus’s time but I was disappointed. I still found the team a little awkward working together, though it wasn’t as bad as the pilot. The show stayed true to everyone’s limitations and you were kept guessing as to what Marcus’s moves were going to be. I’m really glad they weren’t predictable.

The Alphas: Anger Management

Episode 3: Anger Management

This was my favorite episode by far! It opens up where we see a girl getting harassed by a hooded boy on a crowded subway train car. She tries to get away from him and before we know it, everyone on the train goes ballistic, yelling , screaming, and beating each other to a bloody pulp, the scene ending with a bullet going through someone’s head. By now I know the show’s formula so I’m trying to figure out what kind of Alpha this girl is and how she caused this bloody scene. The Alphas are called out and after an investigation of the scene (thanks to Rachel’s super senses) it ‘s concluded that the girl, identified as Tracey Beaumont, is able to fire off bursts of pheromones, chemicals that causes the people who come into contact with them to become extremely aggressive. The team finally find her but she gets away during the chase scene on NYC streets, but they are able apprehend her brother Matthew and bring him back to Alpha headquarters. In a twist that I really didn’t see coming at all, the Alpha isn’t Tracy, but Matthew, who causes mayhem among the Alphas, leaving Wilson, the enforcement officer that heads up the team, dead after one his colleagues beat him to the death. After being injected with Serotonin, which counteracts the affects of the pheromones, Hicks and Bill (who isn’t affected at all and we really don’t know why) are sent to apprehend him. The episode ends with Mathew being sent off to Binghamton and Dr. Rosen inserting a tape into a locked box marked Binghamton, along with other labeled tapes. A few things I loved about this episode:

  • We get to see iHicks really put his powers to use when it comes to helping out the team (and the public at large)
  • The death of Wilson, who up until now was a major character, is going to be the catalyst for the team cohesion that it so desparately needs. Otherwise they will remain awkward to watch.
  • It’s still staying true to the science side of the show that I love so much, keeping viewers anchored to reality (and learning something new at the same time!)

Have you been watching the show? What do you think of it?

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