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Words – New Dictionary terms added in 2014

Words – New Dictionary terms added in 2014

Welcome to the new age. Here is the list of the new terms added in 2014 to Merriam-Webster Dictionary which is recognized all throughout the world. While many of the terms have been around, they have not 'officially' been recognized. Some can be found in sub-genre dictionaries, such as Gothic, [Keep Reading]

Sub-Genres of Steampunk

It goes without saying that Steampunk is already a sub-genre of something, that is, of speculative fiction. So, it’s more accurate to say that Steampunk’s sub-genres are not sub-genres of Steampunk at all, but rather derivatives of a genre called Cyberpunk.  Cyberpunk is the literary [Keep Reading]

Books and Movies (and others) to Inspire Steampunk

Steampunk Month continues! If you’re having some trouble on the tone, aesthetic or atmosphere of your Steampunk story, try watching or reading any of the listed books or movies below for some inspiration! This compiled list comes from our Forum, and includes a few new entries as well. BOOKS [Keep Reading]

Steampunk and Fashion: Corsets

Take a second to Google “Steampunk.” What’s the most common feature you find among the image results? That’s right, corsets. Corsets everywhere. There are a few fashion staples that seem to show up over and over among Steampunk cosplayers and aficionados, including goggles, [Keep Reading]

Common Terms Associated with Steampunk

Common Terms Associated with Steampunk

Now that we’re in our third week of Steampunk month, here is a small glossary of terms you might find useful while writing your stories: Aether – (or ether) can mean several things, but in the Steampunk genre, it usually refers either to (1) the ancient Greek personification of space [Keep Reading]

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