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The Story of Rayn: Chapter 6 Waking Up

The most common question asked around a campfire was, “What were you doing when the lights went out forever?” It was the easiest way to make friends and the most inviting way to talk about memories forgotten. Everybody had their own ideas as to why power stopped everywhere, but no one really [Keep Reading]

Research Resources: Lycanthropy

Research Resources: Lycanthropy

                        It seems that much of today’s entertainment features either zombies, vampires or werewolves. In doing a little digging, we discovered that Lycanthropy is an actual disorder with a medical diagnosis as well as [Keep Reading]

The Story of Rayn- Chapter 5: The Wetcats

Chapter 5 – The Wetcats A rumbling stomach from hunger and a stiff chill reminded Fatboy that morning had crept into their makeshift living room campsite and it wanted its share of time in their lives. He reeled slowly from the smoldering wood in the center of the floor and opened his sleepy [Keep Reading]

The Story of Rayn ~ Chapter 4: Living Room Campfire

Chapter 4 – Living Room Campfire The house didn’t creak… because the wet wood was tired. Fatboy and Rayn entered the uninviting darkness of the living room only to feel the tainted air steal their breath away. “Black mold!! Cover your face, Rayn!” said Fatboy while removing one of the [Keep Reading]

Flying Roaches, Spiders, Lizards and Frogs

Flying Roaches, Spiders, Lizards and Frogs

What clears a room fastest? Put them in order. And why in the HECK are you scared of them?!? The ONLY one remotely dangerous is the Spider and thats only if it is a poisonous one! Roaches don’t bite!! They merely scamper over your skin and covers when you sleep at night. They eat your [Keep Reading]

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