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Research Resources for Worldbuilding: SPICES

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Once again, I am inspired by another conversation.

Spices are the all important thing to set one food apart from another. Chicken is just chicken until it has been married to a spice blend to turn it into something else altogether.

My inspiration here was Apple Tarts….but anything works!

Here is a basic and fairly comprehensive list of spices to start with…

Then I found a list from the Encyclopedia of Spices

Next there are the Ethnic Blends. These offer so much variety and distinctiveness to foods that it would be criminal NOT to include them. 🙂

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I had thought to put a link to different regional types of spice blends, but then I came across an interesting site…it has a global map that you click on and it will take you to those places and explain the seasoning blends to be found there. It only picks one blend per area, but it’s a good place to start.

Next, I found this site. It gives you not only the names, but also the recipes for several Arabic and African spice blends.

This is another site for African/middle eastern blends…slightly different than the first site.

So regardless of whether you are writing fiction, science fiction or fantasy fiction, a cook book, a romance or a children’s book; there is so much richness that you can add to your creation by “spicing” up your world building with the creative additions of spices to your foods.

Happy Writing!


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