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It’s Steampunk Month!

An 1889 Hetzel poster advertising the works of Jules Verne. Source: Wikipedia

Now that we’re accepting submissions for our second anthology, New Legends: Goggles and Gears, Airships and Aethersphere, we at Visual Adjectives want to spend the days up until the submission deadline assisting and providing authors and artists access to resources that you may find valuable during your creation process.

Keep in mind, there’s already a wealth of resources on our Forum, so be sure to check it out. It’s also a great place to share any knowledge you may have already collected while journeying on the long and winding path of life.

As a means to kick off Visual Adjectives’ Steampunk Month, here are a few links you can already visit for information on the Steampunk genre. Visit this blog every week for a new Steampunk entry!

Adventures Above the Aether
Aether Legion: A Book Review
Character Creation Workshop: Steampunk
The Cog is Dead: The Interview
Sherlock Holmes: Is he Steampunk or Just Nostalgia? 

Remember: the submission deadline for New Legends: Goggles and Gears, Airships and Aethersphere is January 31, 2014. Be sure to view and adhere to our Submission Guidelines as well.

Good luck!


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