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It’s Official: The New ThunderCats is Freakin Awesome!

ThunderCats 2011

It seemed like eons ago when we first caught a glimpse of the new ThunderCats trailer released at WonderCon.  You probably know by now how skeptical I am of any reboot and it takes a lot for me to even entertain one.  For the sake of the blog, I checked out the trailer and I admitted then that was pretty excited about it and ready to check out the series when it premiered on Cartoon Network.  Not only did I rush home to make sure I didn’t miss it, but every Friday night after that and being four episodes its official:

ThunderCats is freaking awesome!!


ThunderCats Premiere 2011

Premiere: Sword of Omens & Ancient Spirits of Evil:  How brilliant was it for the creators to make this show a prequel, venturing into territory that the old one didn’t even touch.    We see Thundera as this beautiful and rich feline kingdom, which are obviously more well off than the lizards that live on the outskirts. As a kid I could’ve cared less how Lion-O became the ultimate Lord of the ThunderCats or how Mum-Ra came to be the super duper villain that he was.  Like all other five year olds, I took it for what it was and went along on every single adventure that aired Saturday mornings (making sure my Cocoa Krispies were always on hand!)  As an adult though, I’m more interested and while I watched the premiere, I was so pleased to see that the attention that was paid to the character development.  I loved the fact that Lionel didn’t start the show as all knowing, very wise, and always making the best decisions.  He is a typical teenager, dealing with the pressures of what is expected of him as heir to the throne, of which he isn’t all that interested in.  He would rather tinkle around with remnants of technology as well as try to outdo his brother Tygra, who seems to more like a King.  Can I also say that I love the fact that WilyKit and WilyKat are little street thieves and Snarf can’t even talk yet?  The writers gave these characters plenty of room to grow and us old timers who know how these characters are as adults, we want to see how they grow and what events changed them.  Speaking of events, the betrayal by the General  Grune who literally brought the lizards, Mum-Ra, and their new found technology to their doorstep.  We already knew Thundera was going to fall and that Jaga and King Claudus were going to die, but it didn’t make it any less heartbreaking.  It kept me on the edge of my seat and feeling for Lion-O as he watches his world crumble in an instant.  What did surprise me was to find out that Cheetera was a cleric.  Not only is she super fast and skilled with her staff, she brings a divine wisdom to the team, balancing out Lion-O’s niavete and Tygra’s cockiness.  At the end of the episode, they are left in what’s left of Thundera, with Jaga’s last wishes to find the Book of Omens.

ThunderCats Rise of Ramlak

Episode 2:  The Rise of Ramlak:  Lion-O is thoroughly pissed now and instead of following Jaga’s last words he would rather find Mum-Ra and avenge his father’s death.  As they traveled to the Sea of Sands, I definitely felt the cartoon cheesiness of this episode a little bit, especially when they were captured by Koinelius Tunar and his crew of slimy, fish sailors.  They lands were once filled with water until the weird, cracken creature called Ramlak began sucking up all of the water.  Captain Tunar has been obsessed about killing the animal ever since, and he quickly bonds with Lion-O, who shares his passion for revenge.  The pair go crazy with finding the creature, even taking the ship into a storm that threatens to kill them all.  Its then that Lion-O comes to his senses and realizes that his anger over what happened to his father was jeopardizing everyone else around him.  Tunar however doesn’t get the message and he perishes.  I liked how this seemingly isolated adventure was used as a learning tool for Lion-O as well as a way to bring his team together and become more unified.  Even though he ultimately saves the day by killing the creature he realizes that seeking revenge was not the way the go and they resume their quest for the Book of Omens.

ThunderCats Song of the Petalars

Episode 4:  Song of the Petalars:  Slithe and his lizard army are getting closer to Lion-O and his friends and they must seek refuge in a forest of thickets and thorns.  They come across the Petalars, a race of tiny creatures who are literally made of leaves and flower petals who were swept away by a powerful wind from their homeland and ended up there in the forest ever since hoping to find their way out and back home.  We meet a little Petalar named Emerick who is impossible not to fall in love with.  He’s a cute little thing, full of questions and clearly sees Lion-O as a hero.  Cheetara learns that the lifetime of the Petalars are literally one day, with young Emerick growing up literally in the blink of an eye.  What seems like a moment to ThunderCats is a lifetime to them and that message was strewn throughout the entire episode.  The journey seems like it’s a lost cause until the fire the lizards set to the forest provides the wind the Petalars need to fly back home.  Lesson learned?  Life is short and we need to learn to live in the moment and not lose hope, even in when things look really bad.  What a powerful message that sends to kids and adults alike and, like author S M. Lawrence says, is a major thing that made 80’s cartoons so great.  I can’t help but agree and I was rooting for the ThunderCats when they emerged from the forest to the fight off the lizards.  What made me jump out of my seat?  When the Thunder tank arrived and Panthro emerged from it at the very end of the episode (insert Geek Girl squeal here!)

ThunderCats Thunder Tank

So it’s official.  This show is awesome!!

(So awesome that they are now the official wall paper and ring tone on my phone.  Yeah. It’s that serious.)

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