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Fantasy Female Descriptive Basics

I came across this GREAT example while I was doing searches for my DWARVEN INSPIRATION thread. It is an image that gives you a basic visual description of most known fantasy races…at least the females of the race.

Fantasy Women by Staino on Deviantart
Fantasy Women by Staino on Deviantart. From left to right:

Half-Elf, Human, Halfling, Gnome, Half-Orc, Dwarf, and Elf.

This is an excellent resource when pairing a group for fighting, romance, or conversation. Not many people can fathom the various sizes of other races and it is very important when describing characters in writing.

Examples are:

If a Half-Orc female talks to a Human male, he may be looking up at her.

An Elf and Halfling will not be able to carry as much weight as a human or Dwarf.

A Gnome and a Half-Orc will not be able to ride the same animal.

Any PHYSICAL trait . . . colorization, hair color and texture, eye color and shape, stature, musculature . . . are vital to painting a clear picture, not only for the races of your created worlds, but also to give a clear picture of your individual characters.

A writer needs to be very clear when describing every visual, so that your eventual artist can accurately depict your scenes based on your descriptions.

The picture was done by an artist named Staino on DeviantArt…He has some awesome pictures of all sorts of female fantasy characters as examples.


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