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Finding Your Fantasy Character

Fantasy is defined in literature as “a work of fiction portraying highly imaginative (sense) characters or settings that have no counterparts in the real world. Such works, collectively, as a literary form; specif., those works dealing with dragons, elves, ghosts, etc.” (

When writing in this genre, and building your characters you must take into account and be familiar with the different types and classes to choose from.

Here is a list of classes and sub classes of Fantasy Characters found on As you read this list and consider your characters, you will notice that this list is very much like a D & D game. As the author of a fantasy story or novel, you get to be the Dungeon Master the players, and the dice. You are the creator of your world where not all characters get the saving throw.

These classes include:

The fighter classes: These characters  are the warriors of the story. They are the strongest physically and usually do most of their fighting with swords, maces, and large weapons. These characters include but are not limited to barbarian, knight, swashbuckler, paladin, dark knight, dragon knight, samurai, warlord, and hero.

The Magician class, these are the characters that deal in magic. This class of characters include The Inherent Gift Magician, or sorcerer, The Theurgist Magician, or warlock, The Summoner Magician, or conjurer, The Vancian, or wizard, The Red Mage, the Blue Mage, The Necromantic Magician, the Illusionist Magician, the Nature Magician, the Elemental Magician, the Druid Magician, the Shamanic Magician, and the Elemental Magician.

The Rogue classes live up to their name. These are the characters that you would expect to pick pockets and do the stealthy killing in your story. This class includes the scout, the pirate, the thief, the assassin, the gambler, the ninja, and the shadow.

The cleric classes are the characters that help and take care of others. They tend to be Godly or adhere to a moral code. These classes include the priest, the battle priest, the witch doctor, the Templar, and the caster.

The Ranger Class. These are the hunter gatherers. They are skilled at surviving in the wild. They are the usually good with a bow and arrow, and are skilled with wood.  This class includes  sniper rangers, bow and blade rangers, beastmaster rangers, duel wielding rangers, trapper rangers, and magical rangers.

Rarer classes of characters include the alchemist, the engineer, the dancer, the monk, the bard, the magic knight, and the gunslinger.

To see the whole comprehensive list, go to There you will find more explanation.

So grab your D20 and start rolling, make your characters and write!!!dungeonanddragonladyfrom pinterest

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