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Cathedr’l : Not your grandpa’s chess game.


Artwork by Author/game creator Edward J. Stinson III

Artwork by Author/game creator Edward J. Stinson III

The world of Cathedr’l is a place of economics, politics, and conflict. But is still a world of fantasy and magic. It is still a world of diversity as the races of Humans, Eldrens, and Dons live together alongside other races and other creatures that survive off of the land. After the fall of the heavens themselves over 2000 years ago, mortals live together and coexist in order to survive in this world which doesn’t cease to evolve and transform itself based on the actions of those mortals who understand its limitations and act upon them.

Welcome to the world of Cathedr’l.


Game set up.

Game set up.

Fantasy Role Playing Chess, or FRPC, is the vast world of Cathedr’l put into a board game that allows entire adventures to be played out with the roll of dice and the movement of miniatures. Cathedr’l was created utilizing the tried and true strategy of chess, along with the complexity of characters you expect from a well-developed role playing board game. Provided with equal forces, each players’ own strategy acts as their freedom and their limitation. The realm is yours to conquer and control, though your opponent will believe the same. It is up to you, your strategy, and the effectiveness of your troops achieve victory. With each character having their own hit points, armor, weapons, accuracy, spells, and unique abilities, a story is created with every match as you fight to protect your kingdom and conquer the realm of battle . . . the chess board.

Cathedr’l is available at and

The game can be played on an ordinary chessboard as shown above, or you can go all out and make or commission a custom board such as this one:

Custom made Cathedr'l playing field.

Custom made Cathedr’l playing field.
















Either way…”IT’S YOUR MOVE.”


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