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Paranormal Activity 3: Umm…Why?

Paranormal Activity 3:  Umm…Why?

Those were my exact words when I caught wind of the trailer.  It’s like making a Sixth Sense Part 2 movie. There’s no way you can recreate the magic that made the original so successful.  What made that one so scary was the fact that it took a Blair Witch Project Concept to a whole [Keep Reading]

Total Randomness from a Paranormal Lover

Total Randomness from a Paranormal Lover

  It’s Monday, Game of Thrones is over, and I am all over the place!  So I’m taking a cue from one of my favorite bloggers SQT and just do a post that takes advantage of my total randomness today! That animated Ghostbusters artwork from 3D artist Fabrizio Fioretti really made my heart smile [Keep Reading]

A Brief Look At The History of Horror Films

You know those times when you are looking for something and you end up finding something else way better?  Today was it when I came across this short Youtube video from Professor Wheeler Winston Dixon from the University of Nebraska.  He gives a brief background on the history of horror films [Keep Reading]

10 Things to Send You Running for the Hills

10 Things to Send You Running for the Hills

Hope you guys had an awesome 3 day weekend!  Mine was so relaxing that my brain is still on the beach!  So I thought it would be fun to do another “10 Things” list of what can give anybody bad nightmares (or have them running away in sheer terror!) Gotta put these random brain farts [Keep Reading]

Priest: Great Story, Mediocre Script

Priest:  Great Story, Mediocre Script

  After seeing the trailer for this movie when my husband and I went to see Battle Los Angeles, we both agreed that this was a film we had to see. This weekend provided the perfect opportunity!  We took my little sister to her high school prom and while we waited for her night of [Keep Reading]

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