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Can Someone Please Get Wonder Woman A New Costume!

When this first glimpse of the new Wonder Woman was released my jaw dropped….

Wonder Woman 2011

And not in awe.

I’ll just get right to the point – What was David E Kelly and his people thinking????? This is not Wonder Woman. This is not the Amazonian, warrior princess who wields that infamous lasso.

This is a chick with a bad Halloween costume. How can you expect her to fight in that super tight, extra shiny strapless pants suit?! It looks like if she bends too much the costume would fall apart. The material looks so cheap and how can villains really take her seriously. Changing out her iconic skirt for these pants was a big mistake. They don’t flatter her and make those already horrible boots look even worse. And the headband – is that plastic?? Trust me, I have nothing against Adrianne Palicki as an actress, but dressing her up like this and the baby face that she has doesn’t make her look like Wonder Woman material.

Now, if Wonder Woman looked like these photos, then you can sell me on the show (and if anyone can get these to David Kelly it would be greatly appreciated!)




These photos take Wonder Woman back to her Amazonian roots with a leather outfit, the skirt we all know and love, and even gladiator-like sandals. This Wonder Woman is a lot grittier and a whole lot more believable.

What do you think? Are you just as mortified at this new Wonder Woman as I am?

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9 Responses to “Can Someone Please Get Wonder Woman A New Costume!”

  • M. McGriff says:

    Oh thanks for that link!! Yes, the blogosphere was in a HUGE uproar over this costume! I checked out the new one and it’s better. I really wish they would ditch that headband though!

  • The Muse says:

    WE werent the only ones to complain! I found another post on Yahoo and apparently there was an uproar! they have changed the costume…they kept the bustier, but the pants are more subdued, the boots are now red and flat heeled.

  • The Muse says:

    Check this out! We werent the only ones who hated it. There has been such a stink raised over her costume that they already changed it!!!

    Here is the link …there is pics of the new look.–2645

    I guess most everyone had better taste than the responsible parties.

  • M. McGriff says:

    Oh, the lipgloss is horrible and the headband is just horrendous!

  • M. McGriff says:

    I’m with you on the happy medium. The other photos aren’t perfect but they do go in the right direction that the makers of this show should to.

  • M. McGriff says:

    I definitely see what you’re saying as far as appealing to a younger demographic, especially young teenage boys. I’m not even opposed so much to Wonder Woman being sexy. I think that if she wants to be taken seriously as a superhero (which she is at the end of the day), I think the costume makers could’ve used a better material at least. She is iconic and it only makes sense for the show to appeal to hardcore comic fans as well.

  • Commissar Ploss says:

    I have to say though. if you’re wanting teenage boys to go see this film, what better way to sell it than hot sexy, Meagan Fox, in spandex. It’s a new look at the classic Wonder Woman. Especially since they’re slightly tweaking all of the characters for this film. I’m not too much at odds with it. sure the other pictures you have here clearly demonstrate how us older generation would like it to be, but we can’t win every battle. And to be honest… the other pictures look like a buff, whip-wielding lesbian who works out too much and takes too much testosterone…

    just my 2[insert currency here],


  • domesticgoddess says:

    Im with you. The pearlescent vinyl look is BAD! (And not in a good way either!) Add to it the plastic gold accents and the gigantic fake boobs and POOOF! Its superhero BARBI!

    While her face is suitable…the rest is laughable. The other pics you posted definitely are more in the Amazon style…but my first thought was how much it reminded me of Zena Warrior princess.

    Maybe a happy medium could be found. I understand their need/desire to update her image, but with all of the amazing costumers out there and the options they have available, I am pretty disappointed with their choice.

  • Inzala says:

    I don’t even know where to start… The top pic of WW is just awful! She doesn’t have the body to be a superhero yet alone pick up anything at ten pounds! Baby fat face, not one hint of sun on her skin, and her outfit looks like lip gloss on crack! And for me personally (and I trained my hubby to believe this as well) she is one less meal away from seeing her rib cage on her sternum.

    Lovin the Amazonian WW. Great muscle tone, jaw structure, hair, love the outfit! Love LOVE the head band!

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